The following are examples of some of the work we have done:

Non Profit Organisation : Hungarian Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

 The Hungarian Canadian Chamber of Commerce uses Google Apps as the back end of their system. This includes email control, Intranet Project Sites for Team Collaboration with Calendaring, and Document Collaboration. This system has given the chance for the volunteers to collaborate together. Meetings and working sessions are held virtually. Documents can be edited in real time with your team. This system has allowed  the chamber to become much more efficient in projects, document sharing and collaboration. It also allows us the opportunity to brand our organisation within the organisation. Recently the HCCC decided to make their website using Google Classic Sites, note the double menu structure on the top of the site and on the side.

Inventor and Collaboration Site : 

This is an example of how to promote an invention. It is a an information website to diffuse information to potential clients. A logo was developed and an Intranet Site is accessible from the left bar for the team to be able to work. A collaborative site is an excellent way to share information amongst your team members such as documents, task, contact info, etc..

Indivdual Site to promote a musician :

This is an example how Google can be leveraged by an individual whom is looking for an economical site to promote himself. 

An example of promoting a concept with a simple domain forwarding :

Other examples:

. is an excellent example of how an Inventor can share his information regarding his invention. It is an excellent way to diffuse information to potential clients and promote your invention. On the sidebar is a ligin section where the team can login