Flexible and Efficient Team Collaboration

Collaboration: to work with other people on a common project.

We offer a solution to be able to Collaborate with anyone, anywhere, anytime with no geographical boundaries.

People are working more often at home and on the road, away from the office using different devices. e.g. pads, smart phones, etc…

This collaboration suite is an ideal solution for any size operation where sharing of documents, schedules, tasks, contacts, etc., is required. It is very user friendly making it simple to use and work with others anywhere, on the same document(s) at the same time, in real time, instantaneously creating a very dynamic team environment.

Through the email system you can communicate by voice or video chat while you are working on common documents with your colleagues around the world or just down the block. You have access to you and your colleagues calendars with editing rights to the schedule if assigned. There is a common storage area making it easy for your team to find their documents. Through an Intranet site you could easily setup a common library. Their are many possibilities.

This better communication will naturally increase interaction of the collaborators improving the creativity of your team as well as the efficiency and quality of the work..

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